Experian (Decision Analytics, London)

For a period of 4 years we were involved in the development of global identity verification and fraud risk assessment product suites including Prove ID, Risk ID, AutoDoc, ID and Trace. We architected and developed a new scalable platform needed for rapid global expansion of the products leveraging technologies such as Rabbit MQ, Mongo DB and Spring Integration. During that time we complied with the strict Experian Security Policy, being able to meet all the customer's needs and strict deadlines. (London, UK)

1997 was the year one for & DTA. had just a few info web pages. The data was published on a single CD ROM (650 MB) which contained UK Electoral Roll Records (50 million), BT OSIS Residential and Business records (20 million).
Each version of CD ROM was published in 300K copies. There was no room for bugs. For data processing we were using 1GB hard disk, while raw data was 8GB in size. The data needed to be processed and encrypted in such a way that allowed fast searching, but protected malicious data extraction.
We developed our own data processing tools and database engine but did not have the name for it. A decade later the new tecnhologies arose MAP/REDUCE, BigData, NoSQL. We looked back and said: “Hey, this is what we've been doing all along. It seems we finally have a name for it.“

In the meantime we were part of the growth into the leading UK search engine for information on people, businesses and places with 7 million monthly visitors.
We grew as well, becoming experts in high-availability, high-transaction distributed systems and development of highly interactive websites. Here and there we did some web mining solutions, Information Retrivial (IR) and Information extraction (IC).

We mastered big data processing.

Hooyu Investigate (London, UK)

Apart from doing commercial projects we had time, will and resources for R&D projects. One of them was to present and visualiize data used on via graph. We initially made a fully working prototype which was used as a skeleton for final product
The product replaces linear “waterwall” searches and presentation with completely interactive search and explore experience where you can immediately see links between people, companies, directors. addresses and dig into them further. You can even overlay your own data over other data sets , make your own links, save you graphs & paths.
This is now fully working product used in fraud investigations, law enforcement, AML/KYC, due diligence, debt collection, tracing and asset reunification.

Hooyu Identify (London UK)

This is KYC product. Youngest but most trendy product packed with latest technologies like digital footprint analysis, geo-location and facial biometrics. We are in charge of UI/UX layer.